1. CNC Turret punch 4mtr x 1.5mtr bed

2. CNC 100amp Plasma cutter

3. NC 125t 3.2mtr Press Brake

4. NC 3mtr 6.0mm Guillotine

5. NC 100 ton section roller

6. 80 ton punch & shear

7. Bandsaw

8. Full Mig Tig and Arc welding facilities

9. JSR Steel Hat Purlin Roll Forming Machine

10. Howick Frama 3200 Steel Roll Forming Machine

• Press Brake

Our Press Brake is 125T and can bend up too 12mm for steel, 12mm for aluminium and 10mm for stainless

• Guillotine 6.0mm 3MTR

Our Guillotine can cut up to 6mm for steel, 8mm for aluminium and 5mm for stainless

• Custom-Built Rollforming Machines

If you need a custom machine, please contact Steelfab head office to discuss your requirements and details.

• Welding Bay

We can weld stainless steel, aluminium and mild steel with our MIG, TIG and ARC

• 100T Section Roller

Can roll angles, channels and square tube up to 100 x 100 x 10mm

• CNC Plasma Cutter 100AMP

Can make special designs and can cut aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel

• Cnc turret

Has 32 different punching stations including 2 index tools 4x1.5 meter bed and can punch up to 4mm

• 80T Punch and Shear

Can punch & shear angles flat bar and round up to 50mm solid round bar

• Hat Purlin steel forming machine

Forms steel rolls into Hat-type purlins suited for roofing materials

• Howick FRAMA 3200 steel roll-forming machine

Forms steel-roll into steelStuds for steel frame trusses and wall panels