With over 50 years combined experience in the water storage Industry, Steelfab Building Solutions Inc., has been Internationally recognized as an innovative and trusted specialist in quality products and materials such as one of the leading water tank manufacturers in the world, Steelfab designs, manufactures, supply and installs general steel framing construction as well as water storage tanks, including towers, pumping systems, liners and tank roofs producing quality equipments worldwide. Established in Western Australia in 1992, Steelfab moved to southeast asia, Philippines in August 2011 and now operates one of the most up to date steel fabrication factories located in Subic Bay Freeport Zone. All personnel have been trained by Steve Eggers (fully qualified in Australia 1st class Sheet metal worker & coded welder) and all work completed is done to AUSTRALIA NEW ZEALAND STANDARD (AS/ NZS).

Although, many other similar companies have come and gone during that time, Steelfab continues its dedication to excellence of product, friendly customer service and warranty of product for all our clients.


Our design house is Environmental Friendly and by using steel frame as the main material of our design we assure the Strength of every corner of your house.
Steel Frame is easy to fabricate, Steel Frame are Pre - Engineered to a specific design inside the manufacturing plant and assembled on site this saves time and increases the efficiency of the overall construction process.Since steel is lighter than wood transfortation is not a problem.
• Steel Frame is STRONGER than blocks, RELOCATABLE, FASTER, CHEAPER and easy to MAINTAIN.
• Steel Frame is also TERMITE, BORER, and DRY ROT PROOF.
• Steel Frame is not only strong it is LIGHTWEIGHT.
• Steel Frame can withstand incredibly high winds also in areas prone to hurricanes or tornadoes.
• Steel Frame can also compete regarding Earthquake's even if the house/building are three stories of taller.
• Steel Frame is so durable and resistant to fire and other destructive actions, builders and owners can get substantial discount on risk insurance.
• Steel Frame house is easy to build and faster to build. The duration for our design house is not only more than two months based on the Weather and to the contractor.
• This is the 4 most important materials used for this design, the reason why it is the most important because that material makes our design unique.
As technology continues to grow at a rapid speed and changes occur in the construction industry, Steelfab will continue to produce innovative roll forming machines as well as to remain on top of its competition. We continue to lead by providing innovative solutions that keep our clients one step ahead.


Steelfab Building Solutions Inc. is a Western Australian company that has earned an international reputation as an industry leader in designing steel bolted, lined water tanks. With more than 50 years combined experience in the water storage industry, Steelfab's in-house engineers have passionately worked to raise their standard of excellence, and design a product that is both innovative and environmentally responsible. We now provide a world-class product to many countries; a product that delivers engineering excellence and gives every Steelfab client a totally safe, reliable, cost effective and proven water storage system.


Steelfab Engineering officially Started business on the 17th of February 1992 in Mundaring Western Australia by Steve Eggers who is still the owner of the company, Steelfab had been doing general steel fabrication and engineering works fabricating in steel stainless steel & aluminium we started manufacturing Modular Panel tanks in July 1992.

Steelfab was the first water tank manufacturer to roll form a specific panel designed for the best performance of a water tank that uses an internal liner before that all tanks were made from existing pre formed sheets that were for general use like corrugated or flat sheets. Steelfab now offers Steel Building, Steel Framing, Steel Construction, Pre Engineered Building, Light Steel Framing.


Innovation in Design with Cost Effective and Customised Solutions
The Steelfab Building Solutions Inc. Team is committed to quality of: design, manufacture, installation and the ongoing servicing of our range of products; maintaining the highest level of quality, service and durability while keeping project budgets tightly under control, and to providing a quality of service that exceeds your expectations. It is important to Steelfab Building Solutions Inc. that we provide clients with products and services that conform to all relevant specifications and standards, and are suited to our customers' intended purposes.


Choose Steelfab Building Solutions Inc. to receive the benefits of our commitment to customer service and a product that has strength, durability, flexibility and uncompromised quality.